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Before any magic can magic can actually happen it is imperative that you first fill out my verification form, for we simply cannot engage in any kind of communication about a booking without that first being established. Thank you so much for understanding and I look forward to meeting you soon! :)

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As featured on my homepage, here is a reiteration of my packages. Sincerest apologies as this page is currently under construction. In the meantime please fill out the contact form below and I will endeavour to respond at my earliest availability with information including pricing and scheduling.


Getting down and nerdy. This package is limited solely to sex coaching and is open to men, women, as well as couples. We meet for sessions ranging from 45 minutes to 1 hour. I am well versed in all areas of human sexuality and would be more than happy to guide you with my expertise.


Just looking for a no frill fun time? Then boy is this the package for you! In psychoanalytic theory, jouissance denotes a transgressive and excessive kind of pleasure. One that, perhaps, may bring about le petit mort. This is precisely the kind of experience one can expect when booking the escort only experience.

Paperwork for jouissance is the following, depending on location:

Europe/Euro: 300 for 1 hour, 450 for 90 minutes, 600 for 2 hours, 1000 for a dinner date, overnight for 3000, 24 blissful hours for 4000

USD touring: 500 for 1 hour, 750 for 90 minutes, 1000 for 2 hours, 1500 for a dinner date, overnight for 3000, 24 blissful hours for 4500

Upcoming cities: Orlando, Denver, DC, Boston

NYC/USD: 700 for 1 hour, 1100 for 90 minutes, 1400 for 2 hours, 2100 for a dinner date, overnight for 4500, 24 blissful hours for 6000


Dr. John Money coined the term lovemap to describe the internal blueprint of one’s sexuality. Can you think of a better way to contrive such a thing than through a combination of sex coaching and escort service? Me neither. This package starts at 90 minutes thereby allowing me to gage the depths of your love map.


Although universally experienced and sitting at the crux of our identity, sexuality still manages to make us unique — and you deserve a package as special as you are. Champagne Coquette is a predetermined set of combination sex coaching and escort sessions, focusing on a specific issue, to help you reach jouissance.

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