Am I a subject of some kind of study?

Absolutely not. This is an understandable concern so I will explain why twofold and hope my explanation comforts you when seeking my services. First, all social scientists are expected to adhere to a set of ethical standards when conducting research on human subjects. These standards are actually quite similar to the rules of consent for sex! The researcher must always have the participants informed consent, the participant has the right to withdrawal participation at anytime, and the safety and wellbeing of the participant are the responsibility of the researcher. On a strictly personal level, I would find it extremely unethical to turn you into a study subject without your consent. On a professional level, all researchers are suppose to have approval by ethical review boards. These boards are typically hosted by an institution funding the study like a hospital or a university and they serve like a type of ‘insurance’. No researcher in their right mind would conduct a study without pre-approval from a board. Tip: if you’re ever approached to participate in a study ask to see their ethical board approval. Since I don’t have any, I’m not conducting a study. Easy as that! :)

If you are interested in participating in a study then please visit this section of Dr. Justin Lehmiller’s website.

Are you a therapist?

Again, absolutely not. Therapists are specially trained mental health care professionals equipped with providing care and coping mechanisms for a variety of life situations. It is a legally protected title in most of the world and understandably so, therapists offer an invaluable service to our society! Although I have been trained in similar fields, my skills are of a different set. You may indeed find my services to be of therapeutic value, and if you do then I’m really happy for you! But that alone does not certify my services for said moniker. I am, however, more than happy to work in conjunction with your therapist if you would like to get us in touch.

Why sexology?

I love sexology for one simple reason: due to the interdisciplinary nature of it. One can find sexuality in virtually every academic discipline out there. The arts? Check. Humanities? Check. Sciences? Check. Having that one reference point to string together knowledge is absolutely beautiful and not a day goes by where I’m not grateful for that.

What are your interests in sexology?

While I certainly love sexology for all it has to offer, I do love me some specifics. They are including but not limited to… clinical sexology, penology, sexual and reproductive health, psychophysiology, evolutionary psychology, medicine (neurology & endocrinology), bioethics, philosophy, psychoanalysis, paraphilia, and cross-cultural sexuality.

What is your research?

I do not divulge all of this information for the sake of privacy but I will say that I wrote my masters thesis on the psychophysiology of female sexual arousal and desire.

Where can I find your reviews?

Due to the unique and sensitive nature of my services, I do not subscribe to review boards. Discretion is pertinent and confidentiality is of paramount importance. I believe it would be unethical for me to take that kind of risk for my clientele. Many of my clients seek my services because they view some aspect of their sexuality in a problematic light. And while I endeavour to shift that framework from dark to light; at the end of the day it is still their own private battle and completely up to them whether they want to share it with the world. I believe that if I had a presence on review boards my clientele would then feel pressured to reveal a vulnerability they’re not yet ready to, and that is counterproductive to the entire ethos of my business.

What are your measurements?

Standing 5 feet 8 inches tall (173 cm), I have been blessed with my body au naturale. My perky 32DD breasts perfectly compliment my 26 inch waist, 36 inch hips, and legs that go just go on for days and days…

Do you have a wishlist?

Imagine: you tighten your tie, prepared to knock on the door. I spritz on some perfume, prepared to open my door. You lay your eyes on me for the first time. I’m wearing just the outfit your requested - head to toe angelic perfection. Smiling ear to ear, we embrace in a warm hug. What could possibly make this moment more special, you ask? Why a token of appreciation, of course! A fine gentleman really turns me, and gift giving is representative of gentlemanly character. While an element of surprise is indeed tantalizing, here are some ideas to get the juices flowing …

spa / massage: I love a relaxing spa day! Massages, facials, you name it. And even more, I love sending pics of my time there ;)

shoes: I have such an obsession with designer heels some may even argue it’s a fetish lol. I will sport any shoe in a size 8. But of all designers I am a special sucker for Christian Louboutin :)

lingerie: I always look forward to modeling a gorgeous Agent Provocateur, La Perla, or Honey Birdette set in the bedroom… and then inevitably taking it off…

food: A gift basket of gourmet foods, chocolates, and fruits is always bound to get me in a good mood! I especially love sharing them with a gentleman throughout our rendezvous.

purse: If you can manage to get me a purse large enough to fit my iPad and papers for all the academic conferences I have to go to, then I may just love you forever. Yves Saint Laurent, Prada, and Miu Miu come to mind :)

perfume: Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent is always leaving me in a seductive mood, thirsty for more

With every gift I receive I send personalised pictures to the gentleman who gave it to me for his enjoyment and his enjoyment only.

What are the, y’know, fine details in order to secure a booking with you?

All bookings require a screening process, the severity of this process depends on the country and legal climate (sorry ⁠— I don’t make the rules!). In order to secure our rendezvous I will need a 20% deposit. These deposits are transferrable but non-refundable to use for another booking if canceled at least 24 hours in advanced. Finally, in the instance of a fly me to you booking travel insurance is always necessary should an emergency occur. I exclusively do party bookings with well established clientele. If you enter a booking having already partied, or decide to party in the bathroom, I reserve every right to end the booking with no refund. In NYC, incall bookings require a $100 courtesy. Finally, I fully understand that we all live busy lives and some of these lives only allow us indulgences on the fly. Therefore, I try my hardest to be accommodating to last minute booking requests. However, I too have other obligations such as research or conferences. Thus, I maintain a $100 last minute booking fee at my discretion if a rendezvous is made less than 24 hours in advanced. These are only mildly inconvenient necessities for an unforgettable time together :)